by Nur

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released May 16, 2012

I would like to thank my friend Malu for her beautiful cover art and the guys at Tatami studios for being so professional and awesome. This wouldn´t have been possible without their help and generosity.!



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Nur Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: April and Silence
The lyrics are not mine, they are a poem by the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer called April and Silence.
Since the poem is in Swedish, there are a few translations around. The one I used was this one:

Spring lies desolate.
The velvet-dark ditch
crawls by my side
without reflections.
The only things that shines
is yellow flowers.
I am carried in my shadow
like a violin
in its black case.
The only thing I want to say
glitters out of reach
like the silver
in a pawnbroker's.
Track Name: That Kind of Mood
I´m in that kind of mood
That if I were in a Hollywood
Movie I´d have a cigarette
Hanging from the corner of my mouth

I´m in that kind of place
I don´t want to show my face to the world
And if I could I would just
Cover it in smoke and let it billow

And if I heard a voice circling in the clouds in my head
Thunder would show the way and I would follow

My mind´s under pressure
Wading through recollections
It´s and album of pictures
And the only one is you

And if my mind were to be
A painting gallery
You would be it´s everything
From the tickets to go in
To the postcards at the end
From the masterpiece
To the still life no one wants to see

I´m in that situation
When voices in conversation
Echo at the back of the cave
And I don´t wanna hear
What they say

I´m in that state of mind
I can´t read any of the signs that you send
I don´t need to like at your face to see you
Just close my eyes
Track Name: Oscuro Camino
Adónde llevará este oscuro camino
Silencio de verdad en las copas de los pinos
Luna no brillará, también el cielo está dormido
Sigue andando dice la voz que está conmigo

A veces pienso que te veo en la sombra
Un movimiento que no se nombra
Me miran tus ojos, te oigo respirar
Extiendo las manos pero no te puedo tocar

Donde la encontrarás si no es en este camino
La voz que me acompaña susurra en mi oído
Murmura el viento, oigo un suspiro
Cuanto más faltará para que estemos reunidos

A veces pienso que te veo en la oscuridad
Me invade una espantosa soledad
Y oigo el sonido de tu mágico hablar
Que me está llamando, que no deja de llamar

Te ví sin vida en aquel fatal momento
Desde ese instante también yo estoy muerto
Juntos salíamos a sentir el viento
Hasta que se tiñó de sangre el cielo

Y he llegado ya al borde del abismo
No tengo a nadie ya sólo me tengo a mí mismo
Y así no quiero estar, quiero que tú estés conmigo
Ahora voy a volar como cuando estaba contigo
Track Name: Flock of Bats
You never asked
Me to forgive you for
Breaking the bubble
I keep around my heart

It´s as strong as the Berlin wall
But your words are like
A hammer that’s been chipping
The bricks off one by one

But now you´ve put the torch in the cave
And my thoughts are flying around scatter-brained through my brain
Like a flock of bats that should never have seen the light of day
Why would you go out of your way to cause me this pain?

I told you to stop
Digging in the dirt
That my conscience
Had piled itself upon

But all you could see
Was the beauty of the seeds
Opening their petals
As they grew smiling at the sun

But instead of a summer field you got a lightning storm
All I want to do now is lock the door
But once you let go you can´t stop the river flow
Track Name: Going Home
Anywhere i go it´s all the same
I know who I am if I know my name

And if I get lost if I get lost
I´ll fly on a raincloud home to you
Riding on the back of the storm

Going home
Going home

I´ll always find water if my roots are deep
I´ll grow as tall as the tallest tree

And if I get burnt and I lose my leaves
I´ll let go of this earth for you
And fly away across the sea

Going home
Going home

I may be blown across the world
Who knows how life will unfold

But I do know where I will die
I´ll give up my last breath to you
On sun warmed rock under deep blue skies
Track Name: Sabor de la Ribera
Bebe el sabor de la ribera
El sabor del mar
Mezcla el agua sobre la arena
Mis lágrimas

Vivo en el llanto en el canto de las olas
Ya no sé si fue ayer si han pasado las horas

Bailo en los campos verdes de mi soledad
Busco en el horizonte y sólo veo el mar

Huele el olor de la marina
El olor a sal
Vuela mi voz con la brisa

Vivo en el canto en el llanto de las olas
Ya no sé si fue ayer si han pasado las horas

Bailo en los campos verdes de mi soledad
Busco en el horizonte y sólo veo el mar